Flexo Cooling Exposer

FIP 4262 FDE and FIP 5282 FDE

The FIP 4262 FDE and FIP 5282 FDE ‘ Clam Shell ‘ exposure units are the perfect combination of quality ,ease of use and productivity. The FIP 4262 and 5282 FDE are designed to provide high quality plate After plate production with repeatable exposure and temperature control.

The high output lamps are temperature controlled to ensure the optimum Output from each tube, there is a chilled bed with a high capacity chiller to ensure the plate stays cool for consistent and uniform exposure compensation.

The automatic ,pneumatic lid and easy access to both side of the exposure bed ensure easy of use. The 24 channel PLC touch screen control means that dedicated exposure profile are ready for a wide range of plates . to guard against lamp failure there is a fiber optic lamp failure indicator fitted to each lamp.

With a maximum plate size of 120x160 cm (42 X 62 ) for the FIP 4262 FDE and 132 x 203 cm (52 x 82 ) for the FIP 5282 FDE provide the answer to any solvent flexo plate room requirements.


FIP 4262 FDE FIP 5282 FDE
MAXIMUM PLATE SIZE 120 X 160cm (47")
MAXIMUM PLATE THICKNESS Up to 7mm (0.276”) Up to 7mm (0.276”)
MACHINE DIMENSIONS (WDH) 264x74.5x116cm(103.9X68.9X45.7”)
WEIGHT 920 kg (2024lbs) 1020kg(2249lbs)
COMPRESSED AIR SUPPLY 7 Bar Minimum (100 psi) 7 Bar Minimum (100 psi)
ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS 400V(3ph+N+PE 50/60Hz)4.5kw /8A (5 wire) 230V (3ph+GND 50/60 Hz) 4.5 kw / 14A (5 wire ) 400V(3ph+N+PE 50/60Hz) 7kw /11A (5 wire) 230V (3ph+GND 50/60 Hz) 7kw / 19A (5 wire )

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